Rush Township Park N Rec Committee 

During the years of 2009-2010 Rush Township formed a Park N Rec Committee to address and maintain the 3 parks that are within Rush Township. 

( Northy Community Park, The Chalet, and Sandy Ridge's Fireman's Park) 

With our committee members, volunteers, Mountain Top Fire Company Volunteers , Rush Township road crew , our community project of restoring our parks, installing playground equipment, porta potties, signs, picnic tables and overall redoing much of what the current parks had within them.  The work, completed for these projects were a community effort, with many hours of hard work from our volunteers and funding from Rush Township Board of Supervisors, as the Park N Rec Committee would meet, make plans, and work diligently on yearly proposals to submit to the Supervisors, during their budget meetings.  

After a brief seperation of approximately 5 years, the Rush Township Park N Rec Committee meet with Rush Township Supervisor, Chairman Sam Estright and Rush Township Engineer Michelle Merrow (Alder Run Engineering ) in Spring of 2018 at a public meeting, regarding available grants, and developing a master plan to apply for future grants.  Coming together once again, the Park N Rec Committee, have started looking at each park to try and determine needs, wants, and necessities, for the master plan and apply for grants, to help with these projects.

  By doing so, we are hoping to continue to keep our Rush Township Parks, a very enjoyable place for families to enjoy and utilize generations to come.

Rush Township Park N Rec Commitee Members 2022: 

( Currently Seeking more members, if interested please contact the Rush Township Office.)

  Tony Maruschak, ( Chairman) Terry Scott ( Vice Chairman) Teresa Mull, ( Secretary)

Yvonne Maruschak, Robert Coldiron, Mary Askey, Christa Harper

Monthly Meetings are held the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Rush Township Building, 150 North Richard Street , Philipsburg, PA 16866